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27 Apr

Well, it has been too long since I last wrote something for the blog, way back in November. Though I have not been writing about my experiences, I certainly have been thinking about them lately. I have been thinking about a wide variety of things, and I have always realized that they relate back to my adventures, especially the exchange. Such a life-changing event finds its way into your consciousness in more ways than you could expect! Over Christmas, I kept considering it, and how different the holidays had been last year, through 4 days of snow delays to get home, to everyone in my hometown wanting to talk to me and hear stories in person (I had been writing a weekly travel column for our local paper, and was a bit of a celebrity!) This Christmas, I spent much more time at home, but everywhere I went around Kincardine, people still recognized me demanded stories, which of course brought back torrents of memories. And, of course, it excited me that people still considered me interesting and worth the time, though I am currently spending my time studying instead of adventuring!